Wednesday, May 11, 2022

New Lid: The Farm Report 05-11-2022

The Farm Report


A New Lid

 A new lid on the old house, that is!

See Annie's ears? Normally they point straight up, like bat ears. We've had such horrible winds and storms, they seemed to be blowing Annie's ears backwards. Twenty-five, Thirty, Forty, do I hear Sixty mph? For days at a time. 

 Huff and puff and blowwwww!!!!

 Annie herds everything, including grain hauling semi trucks on our gravel road. She's a shepherd, so she really doesn't have any interest in going out to catch them or see where they're going, or bring them back to me. She'll just sit there all afternoon being watchful. The pictures don't show it well - how do you photograph wind? - but those clouds became storm clouds.

 So in the aftermath of what my sister calls Kansas Winds, we need a new roof on Oakdale Manor.

There are lots of ways to make a living. That guy up there has taken his choice. It certainly wouldn't be mine! Plus, the day he was up there - using just that one little ladder - it was blowing 50mph winds again. While he was up there! He was surveying the shingle damage so he could justify not paying very much for the claim damage. Apparently the shingles down on the ground don't count for much. He was gathering excuses as far as I am concerned. Insurance companies are lots better at sending bills and collecting premiums than they are at following through with the agreements and sending out checks.

The Large Print Giveth; and The Small Print Taketh Away.

 Annie and I had a hard time watching. My Grandpa always said, "Nobody wants to see anybody get killed at the rodeo - but just damned near to it." Morbid curiosity I guess. See that little roof section/overhang at the bottom of the eve? He was walking out across on that! Nooooooooo way.
Annie couldn't look, so she walked away.

"Is our house going to blow away, Tim?" "Are we going to be safe in here with all that wind blowing outside, Tim?" "I'm afraid - a little."

"If I curl up real tight in my chair like this will I be safer?"

 "I will feel safer."

"That dog worries too much. We'll be fine."

"If the house blows away, I'll be OK. Who cares? I really don't need any of you people anyway. Cats can take care of themselves. Living in here is just easier for me, so I put up with you all. Now, work on your crossword puzzle and leave me alone. I'm sleepy."

And that's how it is at Oakdale Farm.