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The Truth About Puppies: The Farm Report 10-14-2019

The Truth About Puppies

 The Farm Report 10-14-2019

These were my 'new' shoes just 2 weeks ago! The truth about puppies is that they CHEW ON EVERYTHING!

Annie is an Aussie/Heeler and that means heels? right? Well, for Annie, it also means tongues of my shoes - which are a lot easier for her to grab. She herds EVERYTHING! I recently read someone who said that heelers make terrible guard dogs. Why? Because they will let EVERYBODY come into the house. The problem is that they won't let ANYBODY leave the house. Once you're part of her 'herd', well Buddy, you're in for the duration if she has anything to say about it - and nobody gets out!

My socks are all full of holes, too. Typical of the breeds she's from, they 'nip' at about anything that moves. Annie is constantly trying to push and control everything that moves here at Oakdale Farm; including me. So far, although she has punched my socks full of holes, she has NEVER touched my skin. I was amazed at how she could do this. Then, one sunny morning, the light rays hit her little muzzle and 'Voila!' I understood. She has a super special row of 'curb feeler' whiskers all around the front of her muzzle. She works by feel, not by sight. This picture doesn't do them justice; but let me tell you - getting her to hold still just long enough for even this picture was a challenge. I think I took about a dozen before I got one that told the story and was in focus. Annie is a mover!

Here's a little humor at her expense. you'll have to zoom up the picture to get the full effect. Annie is toothless! She is about 14 weeks old now, and she is losing her front teeth. It is hilarious to see. She looks just like a kid who wants 'her two front teeth' for Christmas. I think she would whisthel when she talkth if she could talk.

All the herding breeds, Aussies, Aussie Heelers, Heelers, Border Collies - all of 'em - are nippers. It is how they get great big ornery cows to move when they want them to. They are not biters, unless it is encouraged and (better) discouraged. They instinctively pinch. They are not for little kids. Little kids that move fast need herded - at least in these dogs' brains. My neighbor's young grand daughter Natalie can command Annie, but she is a rare special person. These young dogs are not for little kids. And while I'm at it, these dogs are not house dogs either! Annie can't stand the extra stimulation of the TV in the evenings. It makes her hyper. She needs her 'alone' time to rest. She has no ability (much like my sons when they were little - sorry boys) to put herself down for a nap. If I'm up and going, she has to be going, too - even when she's tired. She gets crabby but she keeps going. AND, like my boys, she gets herself into more and more trouble until I eventually break and put her in her kennel - out in my shop. Then she will settle down and rest. After that, we're all happier.

Oakdale Farm in October.

We have had a re-naming at Oakdale Farm. The rooster formerly known as 'The Jerk III' Mr. Rooster is now known as 'NoodleSoup'. Yep, he's started to feel his 'oats' and is attacking. No spurs yet, but plenty of attitude. It makes an ideal pass time for both of 'em though. Annie likes to annoy the rooster, and the rooster obliges. Annie will go right up to him and make eye contact.

Then look away. I've seen her do this a thousand times. 'Oh! I didn't realize you were there,' she seems to say.

When NoodleSoup starts his attack, Annie drops down to the ground as low as she can go.

Then at the very last moment, she is out of there like a shot. She is SO FAST it defies NoodleSoup and they go in for another round. It keeps her occupied sometimes for an hour or more. Just a dance, not an attack - at least on Annie's part.

Annie may not be the best compost grinder, but she is probably the happiest one you'll ever find!

AAAARRRRRGGGG! Up in the greenhouse, I found my new little White Boston Lettuce seedlings like this the other day. Almost all the leaves were eaten off - by a damned grasshopper! I started over....

The electric linemen are the saviors and heros of the day out here. He's fixing my electricity in the rain! During an electrical storm! THANK YOU!!! We had a major lightning storm the other day. Annie and I were just going out the shop door to check on the storm when lights flashed and we heard a big 'Capow!' Annie's front end was out the door when this happened. Her front end passed her back end on the way back inside when it went off. It was funny to see, but man was that a zap!

I have had absolutely beautiful fall roses from Joyce's Rose Garden. Thanks, Nancy, for the beauty and the sweetness.

Other'n that, all is well at Oakdale Farm.


  1. Love seeing all the pictures... Blackie?

  2. Young Billy (our Border Collie) is equally adept at shoe eating and heel nipping. I suppose there are dogs who don't do such things, but they are usually designed to fit into handbags, and wouldn't suit me at all.

  3. My Aussie has never been a nipper, but was the worst chewer as a puppy that I have ever had!

  4. Cro: I like a dog with spunk, but not meanness. Annie fits, and I'll bet Billy does, too. Annie is calming down but she is fun.

    Michelle: One of Joyce's farmer uncles told us once that heelers are driving dogs, and shepherds are gathering dogs. One wants to push the herd and the other wants to bring them all in and keep them as one unit. My understanding is that one desire of the Aussie/Heeler mix is a hope that the calmer Aussie will have a good influence on the sometimes overactive heelers. We'll see!

    1. I've known a number of hyper, nippy Aussies; my Jackson is not 'typical' in many ways, starting with his looks. He looks more "farm collie" than "show Aussie" and to me that makes him more beautiful. He has always been near-perfect . . . except for that gnawing on door frames and walls as a pup....


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