Thursday, March 28, 2024

MARCH: The Farm Report 03-28-2024

The Farm Report

Annie Oakley says, "Good Riddance! - I think...." You can tell by her ears she wasn't absolutely positively sure she wanted to see her old Ranger leave the farm - without her! But, alas, it had to go. We have a new one to toot around in, and the old one went to a good home. All is well. 

This pretty much says all you need to know about my month of March! Not only has it been a super busy month, it now takes TWO diesel heaters to keep the little greenhouse plants from freezing on some recent nights. TWO! Well, the new little orange one can't be expected to keep up with older brother. It is only about 1/4 the heating size. It is very efficient, and it is vented - which I really like. But it is small. Not a huge issue. Both are on thermostats, and I've set Mr. Big to come on only if Little Boy can't do the job. But it has been nuts here this month! I just haven't had time to take pics and write down everything. I'll do better next month - I promise.

Onions and leeks don't mind the cold. They're doing fine. I need to up-pot them getting ready to go out into the garden in a couple of weeks.

Score a WIN on the hybrid tea roses wintered over in grow bags inside a cold building. They're coming out of dormancy nicely.

This is what they looked like just a few weeks ago.

Lettuce! I did 3 presentations for the Master Gardeners group I participate with this month. One was on growing hydroponically. So...I thought it would be fun to have some hydroponic lettuce to give the participants. It was a little tricky doing this in January and February, but we did it!

Rex is the one above. It is open pollinated and bred especially for hydroponic growing.

But the old goodies do well, too.

Tennis Ball has roots that go all the way back to Thomas Jefferson's gardens. It is also open pollinated and does very well when grown hydroponically. Frankly, it is my favorite of the two. Sweeter, nicer little 'soft' heads. Fun all around. You should try it.

"And other'n that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play!?" Warm spells, cold spells, really cold spells, Nasty weather spells. I'm ready to move on. Maybe I'll put away the snow blower next week; maybe not.... My dear sweet brother and sister in law sent me this 'indoor' grill so I could at  least pretend to have a grilled burger out here in the great beyond in the winter. Something is always better than nothin'.

We make do.

All is well - but crazy busy! Hope you're well, too.

Cheers from Annie Oakley and me. 


  1. You're always busy – and productive. That lettuce looks too perfect to be real! --Michelle at Boulderneigh

    1. Growing lettuce hydroponically is so easy everyone should do it. These lettuces are growing in a Walmart sweater pan which is filled one time with water and nutrient solution. No pumps, no air, no nuthin'. I did one lettuce in a gallon milk jug just to show how easy it can be. Go for it!

  2. Your tea roses are off to a good start. The lettuce is amazing. It looks so good. Many years ago, a friend started a business growing tropical trees hydroponically. She quite successfully sold the trees for use in office buildings. What nutrient solution do you use? Will you grow other veggies hydroponically? I hope you and Annie are getting some good use of your new Ranger.

  3. Replies
    1. I use mostly a proprietary blend from 'MasterBlend'. Common Miracle Grow also will work. It takes very little of it though. Easy to 'over dose' for a guy who has trouble following directions.... I'm fascinated with how versatile hydroponic growing is. I've grown celery, beetroot, kale, spinach peas, etc. Root crops don't do as well. We're all good and traveling around in the new 'Ranger' every day. Cheers!

    2. Thanks for the lettuce compliment. It is so easy and fun to grow this way.


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